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What is Sober Assist Recovery Management System (S.A.R.M.S)?

S.A.R.M.S is a confidential, voluntary, non-disciplinary, recovery monitoring program available to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem. The program is intended to encourage structure and accountability for individuals in their recovery process by coordinating random urine drug testing, monitored 12-step participation, counselling, and addiction services.

The level of program participation is based on initial recommendations of an addiction specialist, treatment facility, or discharge plan. A certified/licensed professional (monitor) will work personally with each client to privately coordinate recovery management between all parties as required. This often includes treatment providers, family members, sponsors, agencies, and employers.

Who can participate?

Participation is voluntary and intended to help anyone seeking to enhance and document a personal recovery program.

What does this program provide for the participant and family?

  • Disclosure of the recovery progress through one monitor who serves as the mediator of information, urine drug screenings, reporting and follow-up for a client.
  • Compliance with treatment recommendations.
  • Structure and Accountability, which are necessary components of monitoring and a critical part of recovery.
  • Self-reporting enhances recovery by keeping a participant responsible.

How do we set up a contract?

A S.A.R.M.S professional will work directly with the client and his treatment team to set up an individualized recovery program.

What are the Key Components of a S.A.R.M.S Contract?

  • Participant and recovery team contact information
  • Recommendations from a treatment provider or treatment facility
  • Participation of family and/or appointed outside agency
  • Coordinated sharing of confidential information between all individuals and entities that make up the recovery team while complying with patient privacy requirements.

What are some recommended requirements?

  • Sober Assist Recovery Management Services (S.A.R.M.S) Contract
  • Assessment by an Addiction Specialist
  • Urine drug screenings
  • Meetings with a therapist, substance abuse counsellor, or psychiatrist
  • Active participation in a 12 Step recovery program
  • Attendance in an Outpatient Treatment Program or Aftercare Program

How do we monitor these requirements?

  • Urine drug screening: Participants are required to call in on weekdays to an automated system to find out if they are selected to do a urine drug screening. If they are chosen, they have on hand a list of approved testing sites. They are required to take along a pre-paid testing form called a Chain of Custody (COC) form.
    • Costs for the test are paid through the COC form
    • If a participant’s urine drug screen comes back diluted or positive, it will be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer that will determine if the test clears or fails (additional cost)
  • Attendance at 12 Step meetings: Participants are supplied with AA/NA/CA/MA slips that they take to their 12 Step meetings. Participants are required to have the slips signed by the meeting secretary, and then mail the slips in a provided, pre-addressed envelope to REP weekly.
  • Meetings with a therapist/counselor/psychiatrist: If meeting with any of these professionals is a recommendation made by the treatment centre or family, then REP will request updates from these individuals on either a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the case.

How does follow-up occur?

If a participant is non-compliant with any of these requirements, the appropriate source will be notified, i.e. family member, employer, etc.

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