S.A.R.M.S provides Client Monitoring Services for individuals who require or desire a structured monitoring program to document sobriety, or as a deterrent against relapse. Participants are required to sign and adhere to S.A.R.M.S Contract and Monitoring Program Recommendations.

S.A.R.M.S is a program that can help individuals with alcohol and drug dependencies break free from the cycle of addiction.

Client Monitoring Services:

  • Regular check-in appointments with a monitoring staff to ensure compliance with the monitoring agreement. Monitoring intensity is customized to the needs of the client and frequency of drug testing is adjusted based on stage of recovery. This is often determined by a counselor or can be based on an evaluation completed by an addiction specialist.
  • Regular and random drug testing which adheres to Chain of Custody procedures. Strict compliance with testing protocol is required and deviation from protocol or missed screens are indicative of relapse.
  • Mutual Self Help Attendance as outlined in the monitoring agreement is verified.
  • Monthly progress reports outlining compliance with the monitoring agreement.
  • Positive drug screens, refusing a drug screen and repeated failure to attend scheduled appointments are considered relapse indicators

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